Aisoy1 v4

Encourage your creativity.


Aisoy1 promotes social intelligence and creative thinking while helping you to learn to code.

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Meet Aisoy1 v4.

The most affordable social robot for education in the world.

What Aisoy1 can do

Be emotional

Allow to establish an emotional link while experimenting the execution of any action, promoting your interest for learning through a new kind of friend.


Its microphone and sophisticated speech recognition system let you build programs based on natural language interaction.


Aisoy1 can understand and speak Spanish, English, Catalan and French. In your programs, you can set what language you want it to use.


Several sensors throughout its body let it know if you are touching or moving it. We’re sure that you can use that capability in impressive applications.


Aisoy1 is a social robot. Unlock new levels of play and programming by using its relational capabilities to communicate with other Aisoy1′s, other robots based on ROS, and home automation systems such as Z-Wave.


Its 3Mpx camera is very useful to introduce you in powerful artificial intelligence algorithms for image processing. You can start with facial recognition!

Programming for Everyone.

Easy to learn. Jump right into programming with Scratch. Made for kids from 6 to 99, from the young to the young at heart. Dream it. Create it. See it.

Every one can program an Aisoy1 with Scratch. And if you need more, you can use our SDK in Python or C++. And very soon you’ll be able to share your creations with the Aisoy Community. Top educators from over 30 schools nationwide, among others related areas as especial education, are raving about Aisoy1’s natural ability to engage children and foster creative, social, and emotional learning. And how much their students love it.

Technical Specifications.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Height: 223 mm.
  • Width: 163 mm.
  • Depth: 165 mm.
  • Weight: 1 Kg approx.

Single Board Computer

  • Raspberry Pi Model B+, 512Mb.
  • SD Card 8Gb.


  • Wifi Dongle nano USB 802.11n 150Mbps.


  • Accelerometer: MMA7660FCR1.
  • Touch sensor with presence sensor: MPR121QR2.


  • Screen OLED 128×64.
  • Based on the controller: SSD1306.


  • Video: 3 Mpx.
  • Microphone


  • Built-in Speaker.
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20.000Hz.
  • External audio jack to connect Aisoy1 to Speakers.


  • Three mini servos (rotation of the neck, eyelids and eyebrows).
  • External Buttons, Connectors and Leds.
  • Button: 1 on/off/reset.
  • Led RGB: 1.
  • Status Led: 2.
  • Touch and presence sensors: 3.

Other connectors

  • HDMI connector.
  • USB connector.
  • Ethernet connector.
  • Possibility of expansion connectors I2C and GPIO to interface with other accessories.


  • Transformer 12V 5A

IMPORTANT ADVICE: Aisoy1 v4 doesn’t work with internal battery. It can be purchased an external battery (powerbank) as an accessory in the case of wanting to use Aisoy1 without transformer.

Operating System

  • Airos1 v4. Includes:
    • Raspbian v Jun2014
    • ROS version Hydro (sept 13)
    • Botserver 4.0
    • Sensorimotor 4.0
    • ASR Pocketsphinx 0.84
    • TTS Festival 2.1
    • Chatscript 3.81
    • OpenCV 2.4.9
    • Emotional Engine 1.0
    • Dialogue System 1.0

Developer Tools.



Scratch is a tile-based visual programming environment and toolkit developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. All Aisoy1 v4 are Scratch 2.0 compatible. We have built a Scratch Extension which includes the following:

  • Connect-Disconnect.
  • Management of several robots.
  • Emotions.
  • Language selection.
  • Speech recognition and synthesis.
  • Sensors, actuators, leds and screen.

So, you can use the main Aisoy1′s capabilities in your Scratch programs!


Also, you can use our API for building more complex programs with your preferred programming language (Python, C++,…).  AIROS SDK provides you services to use AIROS, the software we have developed to manage our robots.

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Shipping to your country

Shipping to the EU. We have Retail Partners in US, Canada, France and Sweden.


We will notify you when your Aisoy1 is on his way to you. If there is a balance due, we will contact you at this time. Aisoy1 will usually take less than 3 labour days to get to you since the shipping day.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the recommended age group?

We have built Aisoy1 for children of all ages, from 6 to 99.

Do I need a Wifi Network?

Yes. You must have Aisoy1 connected to a Wifi network for Aisoy1 to work.

Will there be apps for Aisoy1?

Yes. Later this year we will open an space to share our apps and yours .

Is the software Open Source?

We are built on top of ROS and Linux (which are, of course, open source) and other open source components, but AIROS, our emotional system for managing our robots, will remain closed and proprietary for the time being.

What languages does Aisoy1 support?

Aisoy1 understands well English language. But you can also use Spanish, French and Catalan in your programs to interact with your Aisoy1. Very soon, Aisoy1 will be able to communicate in other languages after software updates that will be available through the Aisoy Store.

What kind of batteries does Aisoy1 take?

Aisoy1 uses ACDC adapter to work. It means that it doesn’t include a battery inside. If you want to use it without the adapter, you will be able to use an external battery (5V-2A with micro usb plug). Probably you already have any of these batteries for charging your mobile phone. In any case, you can purchase one on the Aisoy Store.

Will there be more Aisoy robots?

Currently, we are working on Aisoy1 NonoLoco, the autonomous version of Aisoy1. We hope it will be available before Christmas 2014. Also, we have started to define a new concept of robot which we call Aisoy2.

Can it be developed by anyone? What programming language do I need to know?

For beginners, you have the entry-level visual programming tool Scratch by MIT. You will be able to put in practice the main Aisoy1 capabilities. For power developers, we recommend AIROS SDK and your preferred programming language. We use C++ and Python.

Do I have to be a tech geek to set this up?

You only need to set up the wifi connection in your Aisoy1 and a browser. It’s very easy.

Will there be accessories for Aisoy1?

Yes. Very soon this year we will launch a ‘botmovil’ for your Aisoy1.

What devices are compatible with Aisoy1?

In general, all robots based on ROS. Aisoy1 can also interact with other devices through special components as Z-Wave for home automation or Arduino. We are working in Android and iOS connectivity. They are in beta testing.

I preordered an Aisoy1, but I didn't get any information about that. How can I check the status?

Sorry, we try to keep you updated! At any moment, you may contact us at sales @ aisoy . com with the subject line: Aisoy1 pre-order status.

Limited quantities available! Order today.

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